The Knotty Brush

Available in a choice of colours

The Big Feckin Comb

-Handy hook for hanging in shower

-wide teeth detangles hair gently

-Gently massages scalp and improves circulation

-lovely for defining out curly blow-dry or wand curls

-its pink!

About The Knotty Brush and the Big Feckin Comb

The Knotty Brush is the most kindest and gentle way to brush your hair. Brushing will never be the same again once you have experienced our duo.

The Knotty Brush is designed to protect your hairs elasticity. What is elasticity I hear you ask?

Elasticity simply is the measure of how much the hair will stretch when wet. Healthy hair when it’s wet has the ability to stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its normal shape without breaking. How cool is that! Dry hair only has ability to stretch up to 20%

Unfortunately, hair that has been damaged through using heat appliances, over processed colour. Hard water or harsh minerals or lack of general TLC will over stretch and break off or only return to smaller percentage of its original length making it lack shine, body and over time will deteriorate your hair beyond repair.

Its supper important to look after your hairs elasticity once its damaged it can’t return to its original Length.

If you feel your hair doesn’t grow or you simply feel your hair has changed over time poor elasticity could be the reason.

We believe that correct brushing techniques along with the correct brush and comb you can prevent your hair from further damage. Brushing Knotty hair can cause a lot of stress even to a child’s virgin hair.

To achieve perfect brushing ritual, we advise to use our shower comb first – The Big Feckin Comb. It has a handle so you can leave it hanging in the shower and if it’s looking at you hanging yes you will pick it up and use it to comb your conditioner or hair treatment through your hair!

Curl + Pop Magic Wand Rollers

Take the struggle from traditional Velcro rollers by using out magic wands to help you control and roll to perfection !

Attach wand to roller, use the roller like a brush to get a smooth and neat section with good tension and you are ready to roll!

Hand Bag Heroes

Hand bag Heroes will take you from day to night.Includes our famous gold wave comb and our new mini brush THE Knotty BRUSH ÓG

Our mini brush is suitable for all hair types.Its also designed with extensions in mind.A large part of hair extension maintenance is keeping the bonds separated and preventing the hair around the bonds from tangling and matting.Our Mini brush is the perfect size for getting around your bonds

The Knotty Brush Trio

Why have a Duo when you can have a Trio ?

Includes the famous knotty brush and shower comb duo in grey.Our beautiful plush bag and the amazing Gold wave comb – The big feckin Comb !

The Knotty Brush

Is a dual bristle brush. The shorter bristle is for shine. This bristle evenly distributes your natural oils down along your hair shaft.

The longer bristle is purposely very soft and flexible so it can move through your hair without causing friction and damage.

Tiny smooth touch tips gently massage scalp.

The Abs body of the brush is designed to be light weight and flexible so it can gently move with your hair with ease detangling and smoothing all in a few passes through your hair.

Everyone can use the Knotty brush as it’s been designed with a gentle approach to brushing and detangling.

Its large curved shape covers your whole head in three sweeps. Unless you have a really big head

Can be used on damp hair and dry hair. Reduces damage and over stretching of your hair.

The Benefits to a Big Feckin Comb

For beautiful feckin waves !

This comb was designed to turn your curls from drab to fab!

Conical tips and a very unique shaped  teeth separate your curls, giving a much more softened and lived in boho curl or defining a glam Hollywood curl.

A must for every girls handbag on a nightout.Did we mention its GOLD!

The Benefits to a Big Feckin Shower comb

Wide spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle, after applying your conditioner, gently use your fingers to divide your hair in half. Start at the bottom of your hair and gently work upwards while holding your hair so that you’re not applying to much force. Don’t ever comb your hair wet from the roots you’re basically begging for breakage and split ends.

When you use a wide tooth comb there’s a lot less friction compared to a comb with smaller spaces between the teeth. The more friction that’s applied to the hair will result in breakage and split ends and we want you to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

The Big Feckin Comb is very gentle and relaxing to use on the scalp. Using the comb to massage your scalp can improve circulation and relax a tired tight scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair

Curly hair girls and boys there are a few cardinal rules in the curly hair world. Curls are prone to a lot of frizz and dry limp looking curls also need extra product but here is where curly girls and boys go wrong they don’t distribute the product evenly through their hair. Our Big Feckin Comb can distribute products evenly, detangle without over stretching your curl formation. Wet combing is crucial step in curly hair as you know dry brushing creates simply in plain Irish terms Big Feckin bushy hair.

Who is Knot Another Feckin Hair Brush

Stef the co-creator of The Knotty Brush and The Big Feckin Comb. She is a hairstylist from Kilkenny. She decided she wasn’t already busy enough been a Mammy to Ted, Salon owner, house wife of the year, and comedian she decided to follow her dream and jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. So if you are still reading this far you might do her a favour please ADD TO CART. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Her husband Benny is unaware of this but he will be packing your Knotty brush and comb all up nice and getting it delivered to you.

Much love


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