The Knotty Brush

Comes with a complimentary Big Feckin Comb

The Big Feckin Comb

-Handy hook for hanging in shower
-wide teeth detangles hair gently
-Gently massages scalp and improves circulation
-lovely for defining out curly blow-dry or wand curls
-its pink!

Suitable for:
Hair extensions, our brush will glide over bonds without pulling.
Human hair Wigs
Kids with knotty hair
Adults with knotty hair
Fine hair that tangles easy
Damaged or broken hair
Suitable for all hair lengths
Great for brushing out wand curls and curly blow-dries gives very bouncy lush finish


*we don’t recommend using the knotty brush for blowdrying. We developed this brush as soft detangling brush for wet or dry hair and will prevent damage that can be caused by using other multi use brushes that have very hard bristles that can withstand heat.